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The only telephony solution for business was the installation and setup of a cumbersome switchboard and then you had to go through a long, complicated programming process to ensure that all extensions had worked properly and all the settings were made correctly.

Oh, and it was really, but REALLY expensive…

So the VOIP switchboard rushed for help and it’s making the whole process much simpler, faster and much more effective – from the setup stage and all the way up to the actual use of the system.

Oh, and it’s much more lucrative!


Computer Telephony Integration is a technology which allows the organization’s computer systems to integrate with telephones and other forms of communication.
With CTI, the ‘regular’ phones become Unnecessary. The CTI actually allows the call center to perform outgoing and incoming calls from their computer with nothing more but a click of a mouse.

With CTI, a company’s telephony are all integrated with their database and business tools which allows a more efficient work flow and significantly better performance for the call center.

Globe and phone receivers. VoIP.  Global communication concept.


The VOIP system has quite a few additional features and advantages over the classic, old-school switchboards:


  • Call Recording
  • Extensions programming and setup, directly from the PC
  • Saving call log
  • Accurate and segmented data
  • Detailed reports
  • Group dialing
  • No need in telephone wires all over the office
  • Every change in setup can be made immediately without waiting for tech  support


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