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Whether you are looking for a new AMAZING Website or need to launch a new CAMPAIGN, or it is that time for you to start implementing a new CRM for your successful business, and you must have the state of the art IP TELEPHONY to support your ongoing growth, why don’t you give us a call or drop us an email and see for yourself where the MAGIC begins and let us show you what we can do.

Google Partner

SUBSMASH is proud to be a Google Partner. We are working closely with the Google Teams to generate the best results and ROI Driven Campaigns for our Customers.

We mange and build International, Large-Scale, AdWords Campaigns employing Best-In-Class Practices. Continues improvement and ROI Focus is our daily profession.

Facebook - the Art of Social Campigns

Facebook, the biggest Online Social Community. BUT, it is not just about posting funny videos. Business Pages, Targeted Campaigns, Lead Gen and so much more. Your Online presence is not complete without Facebook. Want to play the game like the Big Brands? give us a call, we are already playing.

Websites Development

Small Business, Corporate, Shop, e-Commerce, Market Place, Landing Pages, you name it…Need an AMAZING Website? checkout our Customers. They know why they chose us.

Unique Design

Professionalism means great attention to details. Modern and clean design can only work if you take the Business Needs and Objectives into consideration when you create the UI & UX for the customer. If you really want a website than not only look AMAZING but also work for you, let’s meet. You will be supprised with what we have top offer.

Salesforce CRM

Better, Faster, Customized to your needs  – The CRM Implementation you were dreaming for is just few clicks away. Our proven experience implementing Advanced CRM Solutions for customers worldwide is a combined package of Listening to our customers and using Cutting-edge technologies. Small or Big, we will have the right Solution for you.

IP Telephony & CTI

IP Telephony & CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) are a core element in today’s growing businesses. Want to save Cost and still have HD Quality? Need a real PBX and cannot afford working with your mobile phone as your primary office number? are you thinking how can you log those calls into your CRM? well, stop thinking about it and let’s meet. You can have your own or hosted PBX answering all of your Telephony needs, fully featured and cost-effective.

Systems Integration

For the last decade, the aggregation of different component systems that cooperate to deliver a whole functionality has been the focus of industries that use technology. Such integration may span different fields in software and hardware engineering that require broad range of skills and breadth of knowledge. SUBSMASH can help you tightly integrate the different building blocks of your business technology components into a fine tuned orchestra. We poses the Knowledge and Know-How and already helped many of our clients with this complex task.

Outstanding Support

24/7 Support with ongoing Monitoring and Backups of your Online Assets. We keep updating and maintaining our customers Online Assets to make sure they are always up-to-date with the newest Security Codes and the Most Current Platforms Versions to keep running their business smoothly. We are just One Phone Call away, One Click away and our support portal provides a detailed overview of tickets status and schedules.

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